Finally, A Body Contouring Treatment That Delivers Measurable Results!

What Is Lypossage?

Lypossage is an all-natural alternative to liposuction and body contouring machines promoted by physicians. It is offered exclusively by certified Lypossage therapists. Lypossage has been proven to reduce the dimensions of problem areas.

A ground breaking study, recently published in Massage and Body Work Magazine, Issue #90 introduced this incredible program.

Lypossage smoothes areas affected by cellulite and reduces dimensions of the the thighs and lower stomach. It firms gluteus muscles and lifts sagging buttocks.

Your certified Lypossage™ therapist will develop a plan for your treatment that fits your schedule.

What Are The Results From Lypossage?

A recent ground breaking study featured in Massage and Body Work Magazine Issue #90 documented these results:

  • After 18 twenty minute session (3x a week for 6 weeks) clients experienced an average inch loss of 1.25 to 1.50
  • Seven clients scheduled for liposuction never had it done
  • Lypossage smoothed areas affected by cellulite
  • Dimensions of the thighs and stomach were reduced
  • Gluteus muscles were firmed and sagging buttocks were measurably lifted.

“The results of the study were significant. During the Lypossage study many of the participants were upset with the look of their bodies. By the end of the study these people were pleased with the results. They felt better…not one went for liposuction.” Massage Bodywork Magazine 1999.

  • 95% of the study participants lost dimensions in the targeted areas.
  • 86% of the study participants lost a 5 or more inches
  • Many of the study participants began visiting chiropractors, naturopaths, and other massage therapists.

One of our most outstanding cases was a 38 year old women, who weighed 178 lbs. at 5’10”. She lost 7.5″ at her navel by the end of the study. Her weight didn’t change during the study; she was absolutely thrilled.” Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT

Are There Ways To Speed Up Or Enhance The Effects of Lypossage?

Although all the study results were achieved with the use of Lypossage only, there are a number of thing that clients can do to get results quicker and enhance the effects of the Lypossage. The following are things to consider as part of your program.
  • You should consider having your colon completely cleansed. Not only will this reduce both bulk and weight, but it will improve both your health and energy levels. This can be done by using a colon cleansing kit or having the appropriate number of colonics.
  • Both saunas and body wraps greatly speed up the lose of cellulite and inches, the usual pattern is to have one every third treatment.
  • Make sure you consume large quantities of pure water, 8 to 10 glasses, each day. this will both help to cleanse the body and hydrate the body cells and skin.
  • Work with your therapist to develop a good diet and exercise program that you can stick with. An important part of any such program is proper supplementation, which makes sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs each day to be healthy. This will also help you avoid snacking, a real problem with many.
  • Find someone to workout with if possible. This makes it easier to stick to it.
  • Use the appropriate skin care products to both nourish the skin and decrease the presence of cellulite. These are also available from your therapist.

How Long Will The Effects of Lypossage Last

If Lypossage is used by itself, the effects will last on the average, eight months to a year. A program of monthly or bimonthly treatments can help you retain your results. Sticking with your program of diet and exercise, massage, occasional colonics, and drinking lots of pure water will also help to retain the effects much longer.

Who Should I Go To For Lypossage Treatments?

Make sure the massage therapist has been properly trained and certified by Charles Wiltsie III. They should have certificates to signify that they have successfully completed the necessary training.

What Is the Fee Schedule For Lypossage Treatments?

The cost of a lypossage treatment is $85.00 and includes a body wrap.

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brianBrian Sklar, RMT, BTh, BES, BEd
“I have been working in the area of massage therapy and related modalities since 1992. The lonSpa treatments are the fastest way I have found to get toxins out without causing a healing crisis.”


dianeDiane Sklar, CCH, CEC.
“I have been involved with colon therapy and cleansing since 1995. I see the lonSpa Treatments as an excellent way to compliment the colon cleansing that I do and make the toxic removal more complete.”