Relax And Restore Fee Schedule

Did you know that your treatments may be covered under your medical Insurance?

Brian is a registered Massage Therapist, some medical plans will cover massage and massage related services.

Relax and Restore Services

  • 1/2 Hour Massage with HST $53.00
  • 1 Hour Massage with HST $85.00
  • Home Massage – (in K-W City Area) with HST $100.00
  • Senior Massage (over 65 yrs old and retired) with HST $63.00
  • Ion Foot Spas – Cost for A Single Treatment with HST $42.00
  • For a Block of 10 Foot Spas with HST $340.00
  • Body Wraps – For One Session with HST $85.00
    • – for 2 Sessions with HST $80.00 each
    • – for 4 Sessions with HST $75.00 each
    • – for 6 or more Sessions with HST $70.00

(All Body Wrap Sessions include Sauna, Lypossage and MRS 2000 Treatment)

On-Site Massage Fees:

The basic fees is $1.00/min, with each appointment lasting approximately 20 minutes. There should be a minimum of 3 hours work (9 clients) guaranteed (i.e. already signed up on the Sign-Up Sheets provided). There is also a set-up fee, but this is negotiable.


Titanium SkinDream – For only $15 you can come in and have a facial using the Titanium SkinDream

Sincerely Yours,
Brian Sklar, RMT, BTh, BES, BE.