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Diane Is A Certified Colon Hygienist

As a certified colon hygienist, I cannot legally diagnose or prescribe treatment for any specific disease or condition. However, I will gladly answer any questions that you might have in the area of colon health. Any information received from the client remains confidential and individual privacy is respected. We look forward to being of service to you!

Results & Comments

Some have experienced a general feeling of well being after the treatments. After several treatments here is what Mrs. J. Hamilton of Kitchener says: Feel good after a bath? I’m sure we all do! A colonic is a bath inside our body and as the water cleanses, you are able to see in a mirror above why you feel so good. A qualified therapist makes you feel at ease while the treatment is being done.”

Why Cleanse The Colon?

If the colon is functioning correctly, there should be a bowel movement after every meal. Many people do no experience this type of elimination.. The colon (large intestine or bowel) is approximately 5 feet long. Over a period of time, with the ingesting of foods processed with chemicals, preservatives, etc., the colon collects a great amount of toxic substance on its’ walls, thereby creating problems such as constipation. This, in turn, provides ideal conditions for the development of a number of diseases, including cancer. Presently, in North America, colon/rectal cancer is the second most common type of cancer (lung cancer is first) affecting the general population.

History of Colon Cleansing

As early as 1500 B.C. man has been practicing colon cleansing techniques. In the early 1900’s “coffee” enemas were used in hospitals to stimulate the colon. More recently, Dr. Norman Walker, D.Sc., PhD., proved from his own experience that longevity and a healthier life comes from nutrition and intelligent body care. In his book, “Colon Health: the Key to a VIBRANT LIFE“, he explains how the cleansing of the colon can help clear up many health problems.


Life should be a continual learning process. The more we know about our bodies and how they work, the more intelligent our personal health care choices will be. In the end we must, individually, take responsibility for our own health as much as possible.

Today, as never before, people are educating themselves about the variety of health care options that are open to the them. There is an ever increasing realization that drugs and surgeries are not the only methods of treating many of our health problems. the key is PREVENTION, by developing a healthy lifestyle that will include proper nutrition and sufficient amounts of exercise and sleep. Experience has also taught us that one of the first steps to be taken is a series of organ cleanses, among these is the cleansing of the colon.

As the colon walls become more impacted, toxic wastes start to leak out and are carried by the blood to all the organs of the body, affecting them as well. Therefore, a cleansing of the colon is necessary to help eliminate diseases in the body, restore tissue and organ function, re-balance the body chemistry and improve the muscle tone of the colon.

How To Clean The Colon

To clean the colon, we offer a vitamin program, natural herbal remedies, information on nutrition and diet and colon irrigation.

What is Colon Irrigation?

Using the “Woods” gravity method, we gently introduce sterilized water into the colon to cleanse it and remove the toxins through a hose which takes them out to the drain. It is like an internal bath, removing toxic poison and gas, etc. from the body. It is more effective than an enema because the whole colon is cleansed over a series of treatments, not just the area immediately adjacent to the rectum as with the enema. Each treatment (at the choice of the client) averages 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Symptoms Of Colon Toxicity

  • constipation
  • hemorrhoids
  • rectal gas
  • foul odor in stools
  • frequent night urination
  • sciatic pain
  • bad breath
  • coughing up phlegm
  • swelling in legs
  • heart palpations
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • irritability
  • sallow complexion
  • low libido
  • brittle hair/nails
  • coated tongue
  • cold hands or feet
  • allergies
  • hypoglycemia
  • diabetes
  • parasites
  • pain/burning in abdomen
  • bloating/hardness of abdomen
  • belching/burping up food or fluids
  • fluid retention
  • skin rashes
  • low back pain
  • weight gain or loss
  • tenderness in the glands and breasts
  • neuritis or neuralgia
  • high or low blood pressure
  • body or foot odor
  • vaginal yeast infection
  • pain in right rib cage
  • poor appetite
  • negative thoughts
  • highs or lows emotionally
  • lack of interest in work or play
  • dark circles under eyes
  • memory loss
  • lack of concentration
  • headaches
  • nervousness
  • insomnia
  • hyperactivity
  • digestive disorders

If you are experiencing problems in 5 or more of the things listed above.

We recommend you give us a call (519) 884-9174

Why Do We Need Vitamins, Herbal Remedies and Diets?


The common North American diet of nutrient-lacking, heavily processed foods with preservatives and chemicals, contribute towards deficiencies and imbalances of the essential nutrients (i.e.. vitamins, minerals, etc.) that our bodies need to be healthy. In the majority of cases we are not receiving any of certain nutrients that we need and insufficient amounts of the others. The process of cooking our foods at high temperatures (above 118 F) eliminates the nutrients and enzymes that may have been in the foods, rendering such foods of little or no nutrient value to our bodies. Therefore, we need supplements to replace what has been lost.

Our programs at the clinic have a variety of levels of supplementation depending upon the client’s individual needs. Although we do not guarantee a cure for all ailments there is and has been healing through colon therapy for many people with different conditions. Once the program begins and the client feels better, the change in diet and lifestyle, the use of vitamin and herbal therapy is more readily accepted and welcomed.

“Then God said, ‘I give you every herb bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” (Genesis 1:29)

brianBrian Sklar, RMT, BTh, BES, BEd
“I have been working in the area of massage therapy and related modalities since 1992. The lonSpa treatments are the fastest way I have found to get toxins out without causing a healing crisis.”


dianeDiane Sklar, CCH, CEC.
“I have been involved with colon therapy and cleansing since 1995. I see the lonSpa Treatments as an excellent way to compliment the colon cleansing that I do and make the toxic removal more complete.”

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