On-Site Seated Chair Masssage

Your Company Can Benefit From On-Site Chair Massage

The Ultimate in Relaxation & Stress Reduction

On-Site Massage Will:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Reduce Days Lost to Sickness and Injury
  • Increase Employee Loyalty

What is On Site Massage?

On-Site Massage (OSM) is the increasingly popular way of providing a relaxing yet energizing break for employees right in the workplace/office. No oils or lotions are used and the massage is done through the clothes. Normally the work is done while the client rests comfortably on a specially designed massage chair that is provided by the professional massage therapist. Very little room is required for the massage chair, so this type of work can be done in virtually any office or workplace. The OSM averages about 20 minutes but can vary in length to accommodate the office.

What are The Benefits of OSM?

The benefits of OSM are both immediate and cumulative. In a 1996 study done by the Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, a group of people representing average workers, was given a series of 7 multi-digit numbers to add. They were then given a 15 minute chair massage and then given a second series of 7 multi-digit numbers to add. The study was extended over.


Day 1 Day 10
 Pre  Post blankkk  Pre  Post
Computation accuracy 69.2 89.2  83.1 96.2
Standard Deviation 20.0 28.3 29.7 31.0
Computation Times 250.0 234.0 232.5 210.0
Standard Deviation 85.1 72.3 75.9 64.0

As can be seen from the above chart, there was a marked improvement in participant performance after each massage (20% and 13.1% respectively) and there was a cumulative effect as well, in that the pre-massage accuracy for Day 10 was 13.9% higher then the pre-massage accuracy for Day 1. It should also be noted that as accuracy improved, time decreased. In short, if an employer makes OSM available to his/her employees, there will be a marked improvement in their productivity. On the average this improvement works out to be about 15%.

There are also a number of other benefits realized by the employer:

  1. Employees handle stress better, whether on the job or at home, which means there is less conflict/anger to deal with, which makes everyone’s life easier.
  2. There are fewer days lost to sickness and injury because a relaxed worker has a better functioning immune system and is more alert and therefore less likely to get sick or injure themselves.
  3. There is greater employee loyalty to the company, which means fewer employees leave their positions. In surveys conducted among both new and long time employees, OSM was seen as a positive factor in drawing and keeping employees.
  4. There is a reduction in compensation and medication claims (more details later).
  5. There is a decreased need for replacement workers.

There are some ongoing benefits for the employees taking part in the program:

  1. Release of those tight painful knots
  2. Increased sense of well being.
  3. More energy & decreased stress.
  4. Clearer thinking and greater productivity.
  5. Better able to cope with the frustrations of the workplace and at home.
  6. Greater appreciation for the company and its many benefits.

For more information or to arrange for a free OSM please call (519) 884-9174

It’s Easy To Set Up And Run


ASSIGN A CONTACT PERSON: He or she will help the massage therapist set the schedule, publicize the program, and sign people up. They then get a free massage.

PROVIDE A SPACE: A conference room, break room, or a quiet corner is fine. After the day’s sessions, the space can return to its normal use.

ENCOURAGE EMPLOYEES TO USE IT. Make sure they know you support the program. Use it yourself and encourage your managers to do the same.

Which Companies Have OSM?

Both private companies and government agencies have OSM for their employees. These include: Apple Computers, Merill Lynch, Pepsi Cola, Heinz Soup Company, NBC-TV, IKEA (Canadian head office in Toronto, Ont.), the U.S. State Department and the IRS. Companies, both big and small, offer OSM to their employees because they have found that it saves them money.

For over 5 years, the Baxter Corp. has been footing the twice-a-week bill for its employee sessions with a massage therapist. Approximately half of the company’s 420 employees take advantage of this perk, The annual bill is approximately $25,000. What has the company gained for this expense? Besides making the employees feel good, they have experienced a 25% drop in time off from work related injuries over a 4 year period. Put another way, between 1988 and 1990, the costs Baxter bore for workers’ compensation claims dropped by $200,000. “There has been a definite return for our money,” say Helen Ayers, Health Services Supervisor for the Alliston based pharmaceutical firm (Financial Times of Canada, March 23-29, 1992).

“We’re always looking for new ways of helping people deal with stress and massage is one of the best ways,” Shirley Wheatly, Manager of Employee Services at Toronto City Hall.

It would certainly give you a competitive edge to have employees that were 15% more productive then those of your competition.



How is OSM Payed For?

There are several ways that OSM can be paid for:

  1. The company can offer it as a perk, just as Baxter Corp. did. This is interpreted by the employees as a sign of a caring company.
  2. Secondly, since all those giving the massage are Registered Massage Therapists, their work would be covered by employees’ Extended Health Care Plans (it is always wise to check your plan to see if a doctor’s prescription is necessary before having a massage). So the employees can pay all or part of the costs through their benefits package.
  3. Thirdly, some companies use OSM as a means of rewarding employees for reaching specific objectives or a birthday or work anniversary present.

What Is the Fee Schedule For OSM?

The fee schedule is fairly standardized throughout the profession. Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes and costs $20.00 (one dollar/minute). There is also a set-up fee, which varies according to the distance that the therapist has to travel to do the work. Within the cities of Kitchener/Waterloo, the set-up fee is only $8.00. Outside of the Twin Cities, but within the Region of Waterloo, the set-up fee increases to $15.00. Beyond the Region of Waterloo the set-up fee would have to be negotiated.

The company offering OSM to its employees has to guarantee the therapist at least 3 hours of work (i.e. 9 clients) which is looked upon as 1 block. If a company within the cities of Kitchener/Waterloo is providing the therapist with 2 blocks/day for 2 or more successive days, then the set-up fee is waived altogether.

For more information or to arrange for a free OSM please call (519) 884-9174

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